The Challenge

The University of Victoria Self-Management Program was looking to increase registrations in their free health programs for adults. These programs are aimed at helping those with chronic conditions by giving them the tools to manage their symptoms and care on their own.

In the past the program had relied on radio ads and print publications to find registrants but these channels were generating underwhelming results, and were very difficult to track and attribute where the registrations were coming from.

The Solution

To spread awareness of the courses and encourage registrations, we developed a Meta advertising campaign with groups targeting each of the unique programs that were being offered for specific conditions. With the programs targeted at an older audience, Meta was determined to be the best platform to reach their desired audience with its user base that skews older than other platforms.

We utilized a mix of prospecting, retargeting and lookalike audience ad groups to ensure a consistent funnel of potential participants for the programs.

Campaigns were targeted both at an older audience that is most likely to be coping with the various conditions, as well as those who likely have parents who are at the age of having those same conditions and want to help their family member get assistance.

During the holiday season in year one we introduced messaging and imagery that was more closely tied to the current season and found that it turned a previously slow period for the Self Management Program into another strong month. We have since implemented seasonal changes and found it to be an extremely successful tactic to keep sign-up rates consistent throughout the year.

The campaigns were a resounding success for the Self Management Program and saw so many course registrations that some ad groups had to be paused at various times due to being at capacity!

The Results

Year 1

  • 938 course registrations
  • $24.23 cost/registration
  • 6.9% conversion rate

Year 2

  • 1584 registrations (41% increase over year 1)
  • $14.78 cost/registration (39% drop over year 1)
  • 8.4% conversion rate
cost per registration
conversion rate

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