Case Study:

Elias Honey

The Challenge

Elias Honey had a great product line with their household and gourmet honeys, but they struggled to showcase their products clearly with lifestyle content that garnered engagement on social media. Elias needed to find their personal thematic flair and develop a consistent posting schedule so they could share what made Elias Honey special, and so much different from their competition.

The Solution

Elias already had a top-notch product, we just needed to bring their brand to life with great social media content. We introduced new and engaging content such as story quizzes, engaging questions, and dynamic professionally produced images and videos. We then began running monthly contests to encourage customer interaction and grow their followership. On top of this we put an emphasis on content that offered value to their followers, including honey related recipe features.

The Results


Instagram follower base has grown over 160%.

Monthly Engagements

Total monthly engagements on Facebook have grown from 60 on average to over 130.

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