The Challenge

While being an innovator in the ​​plant-based product space, and seeing continuous growth, Big Mountain Foods were unsure of where they stood within their market in regards to their competitors. They were looking for a cumulative review and analysis of how they compared to their competitors, and how they could further differentiate themselves in the market.

The Solution

To bring a holistic view of the competitive space, we took the route of auditing Big Mountain Food’s presence and results for each specific channel separately – both reviewing their own efforts and those of their competitors, to find opportunities and recommendations to progress their efforts in growth. We completed audits, competitor analyses, and provided recommendations for SEO, Digital Ads, Public Relations, and Social Media strategies.

The Results


The SEO analysis was done with a view of both on-site and off-site factors which affect organic rankings. Besides recommendations on technical website updates and fixes, we recommended implementing non-branded keywords that target different products, as the company could add a competitive edge within the industry and rank closer, or higher, than their competitors. Best practices and a suggested SEO strategy were also provided for a future e-commerce side of the business.

Digital Ads

For Digital Ads audit, we focused our efforts on the key channels used by the client and their major competitors; Google Ads, Facebook & Instagrams Ads, and Pinterest Ads. Based on our findings in the audit and competitor analysis we put together, a suggested multi-channel Ads strategy was put together, including varied campaign types to both grow brand awareness, and increase store visits for locations carrying their products. The strategy aimed to target their key customer demographics with channel-specific creatives to get the best results possible.

Public Relations

In our Public Relations audit, we found that Big Mountain had a number of recent stories that touched on a variety of different aspects of the business, which was great to see. However, there was a real opportunity for future pitches and stories around ideas around instilling plant-based foods as part of holiday and family gatherings, and how their products can be used for traditional recipes. As part of our strategy recommendations, we included a list of suggested publications for pitching/publishing, digital creators who fit in their space and have a similar target audience, and a variety of pitch angles to use in the future.

Social Media

Finally, in our Social Media audit, our team looked at how Big Mountain Foods presented themselves in tone, personality and voice across all social media platforms – and how this compared to their key competitors. We were able to identify specific types of content which resulted in stronger engagement, and what content could be revised in the future to improve its results – as well as gaps in the competition’s content where there was an opportunity to make Big Mountain stand out. Our strategy recommendations included how to strengthen and differentiate the brand’s voice & persona, while also providing suggested messaging, post styling, and content types for each channel.

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