Case Study:

Joseph Richard Group

The Challenge

Despite being one of BC’s fastest-growing restaurants, Joseph Richard Group (JRG) wanted to find a way to stand out amongst the BC Restaurant Industry as an innovative leader, while simultaneously growing their business across the Lower Mainland. JRG wanted to build awareness not only with their customers but with mainstream media as well – finding ways to have their innovative ideas featured in the public eye.

The Solution

Working with a company like JRG, finding interesting angles and newsworthy stories come naturally! Given that the brand already had a successful customer base, finding a way to share information on new businesses and projects was the next key step. We wanted to ensure that we were not only showing JRG as a leader of delicious food but as a leader of industry ideas and concepts.

With this goal in mind, we pursued an earned media strategy – pitching timely and newsworthy articles, listicles, and press releases to Canadian media. Due to the competitive nature and saturation of content at many local news outlets and digital sources, landing an article without payment is a difficult task. By building meaningful and long-lasting relationships, our team has been able to land articles at leading local outlets. We also stay on the pulse of the industry by leveraging holidays, national days, and local events to turn them into timely, newsworthy content for readers.

Whether it’s launching 100 Ghost Restaurants in a single day or leading a successful charity event for homeless youth, the JRG team is always planning new ways to serve customers. Jelly has been able to bring these efforts to the public eye and help increase brand awareness and customer impressions as a result.

The Results

Using earned media, we have been able to land countless notable articles on popular publications.

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