Case Study:

Legacy Advantage

The Challenge

Leads. Leads. Leads. Legacy Advantage came to us with very clear instructions; ‘Get us leads, and tell us how many you’re getting us – then double it!’ One of their biggest struggles with their previous agencies is that they didn’t know what results the work was bringing. The data wasn’t being tracked nor did they see much of a lift. The reporting often reported back on tasks, and SEO wins, but was never translated into the basics – how many new leads were generated!

The Solution

We had set out on a mission for 2 main goals here; generate more leads, and report how many were coming in. Focusing on the Jelly purpose of being creative driven and data inspired, we set out creating a strategy incorporating search ads, social media, and PR. We made sure that Google Analytics was tracking all form submissions so that we could report leads from the website. We used CallRail to track phone calls that were coming from the website. And finally, we used our reporting tool, DashThis, to generate a dashboard with key metrics that Legacy Advantage could check at any given point to track success.

The Results


220 forms submitted, an average of 36/month since we’ve been able to track


99 unique callers from the website, an average of 17/month


53 new leads per month on average

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