The Challenge

Truffles Fine Foods began in 2005 as a caterer to Vancouver’s film industry, quickly growing to be one of Hollywood North’s top-quality caterers. Since then they have opened two Cafes; Garden Café at VanDusen and Time Out Café at the Richmond Oval, and have catered thousands of events throughout the lower mainland.

Their main hurdle to overcome is growing general public awareness of the brand in order to expand the business further, and to grow their organic presence outside of word of mouth, which they have relied on previously.

They were also unsure of where they stood digitally in general, and in regard to their competitors. They needed a cumulative review and analysis of their current presence, and how they could further differentiate themselves in the market.

The Solution

Before jumping in feet first, Truffles Fine Foods decided to take advantage of the Canadian Digital Adoption Program, which allowed them to have a holistic audit completed, this reviewed multiple digital channels and identified the areas where they had the most opportunities to help achieve their goals.


Based on the findings it was decided that a fresh focus on SEO and Digital Ads, with 6 months of work, were areas that were lacking and would provide the most value. SEO in order to generate greater organic visibility for relevant searches, and Digital Ads (on both Meta and Google) in order to drive high-intent traffic interested in their services

The Results

Organic Sessions
Organic Conversions
Meta Ads Impressions
Meta Ads Clicks
Meta Ads Conversions
Meta Ads Per Conversion
Google Ads Impressions
Google Ads Clicks
Google Ads Conversions
Google Ads Per Conversion

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