The Challenge

Nugu Handmade had a great product line already well-established in India and Asia, where their ethically and sustainably made dinnerware is used in the Ritz Carlton, Westin Hotels and Resorts, Marriott, Radisson Blu and a number of popular restaurants. However, they sought expansion into Canada’s e-commerce, retail market. To make sure each step of the expansion was intentional and successful, Nugu required a detailed and audacious plan that would make them difficult to ignore.

The Solution

Nugu already had a beautiful product line; they just needed to expose it to a new audience and market it in a different way. Through a thorough audit of their existing marketing and public relations and development of a bold and ambitious strategy, we helped them discover new and creative ways they could get the Canadians excited about bringing Nugu into their homes. 

Organic Social Media

After reviewing Nugu’s current social media, we suggested a refreshed strategy that builds on their existing success, with clearly defined KPIs and in-depth audience analysis.

We recommended Nugu build brand awareness through a clear, concise and visually cohesive posting plan and the use of videos for premium visuals and storytelling. 

Digital Ads

Through competitor analysis, we were able to determine what companies similar to Nugu were and weren’t doing for their paid digital advertising and make recommendations that would help Nugu capture their share of the market while differentiating themselves from other brands. 

We recommended a high funnel ad strategy using Google, Facebook and Instagram that would build brand awareness, showcase the beauty of Nugu products and drive conversions. 

Public Relations 

It was quickly apparent that while Nugu has had considerable PR coverage, they would benefit from pieces where they are the primary focus.

We recommended PR about the brand’s ethical and sustainable mission, product education as well as decor and lifestyle pieces, to appeal to stylish and conscious consumers. Through a combination of earned and paid PR pieces, we suggested that Nugu could gain significant exposure, showcase the beauty of the products and secure backlinks to their website. 

Furthermore, we recommended carefully considered influencer partnerships and exciting events to generate buzz about Nugu and show their dinnerware in use by high profile creators and chefs.

Search Engine Optimization

Nugu’s existing website was built for a primarily B2B audience in India, and their intention from the beginning was to develop a new, robust e-commerce site for selling in the Canadian retail market. 

Accordingly, we audited their existing site to identify best practices for building the new site from an SEO perspective, including monitoring KPIs, developing citations and backlinks and addressing any potential on-page issues before they occur. We also developed a monthly SEO plan, with the perspective that good SEO is ongoing work. 

Product Expansion

While Nugu’s primary focus is their dinnerware, we also developed an initial list of complementary products that would suit their style and branding. This list raised the possibility of Nugu expanding into other product lines or collaborating with like-minded brands who already create coordinated items. 

The Results

As a result of our detailed strategy, Nugu possesses the knowledge and inspiration they need to begin making inroads in the Canadian market. They were empowered to begin work on their new e-commerce website and have a step by step plan to execute internally or with agency support.

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