Case Study:

Baker Newby

The Challenge

Over the past number of years, we have worked with Baker Newby LLP to increase their volume of leads coming in substantially. The challenge being, how can we continue to increase lead volume, all while maintaining an efficient Cost Per Lead average. Our collective goal is to maintain a Cost Per Lead that sits under the $100 mark.

The Solution

Consistency and Timeliness with SEO and Google Ads Search Updates

The landscape of the legal world is always changing, so it has been crucial to stay in tune with changes in laws, policies, etc. The reason this is so important is because of the following:

  • SEO: Targeting and optimizing for the correct keywords. For example, over the past year or so there has been a large amount of changes to laws surrounding ICBC claims, and other Personal Injury matters that have made these practice areas less relevant for Law Firms. With this in mind, we adjust our targeted keywords accordingly to ensure we’re not tracking for irrelevant terms.
  • Google Ads: Similarly with Google Ads, we have had to monitor the changes in the legal landscape to ensure we stay relevant. Not only this, but keeping close tabs on the search volume within the legal industry in BC allows us to determine if we should be adjusting our keywords within Google Ads. For example, for a given month there could be X number of searches for a Commercial Lawyer.

The bottom line: keeping the Baker Newby name in-tune with relevant searches allows us to pay less for leads, since we’re not bidding on irrelevant keywords!

The Results

At the end of 2019, average cost per lead was $99.90. More than halfway through 2020 we were sitting at an improved $86.84. As we continue to stay in tune with the legal industry and educate ourselves, our goal is to continue to drive Baker Newby’s average cost per lead down.


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