Case Study:

The Challenge

JJ Bakes Company came to Jelly as part of the Canada Digital Adoption Program, with an aim to establish a notable presence with the opening of their first Langley, BC storefront. The challenge involved creating widespread brand awareness and generating anticipation within the community for the family-run, Filipino-inspired bakery. Navigating an already saturated market, their goal was not only to capture attention but also to differentiate themselves distinctly in the competitive bakery landscape.

The Solution

To elevate JJ Bakes Company’s brand presence, The Jelly team put together a comprehensive social media and search engine optimization strategy that was implemented over a 5-month period. 


Our approach involved creating eye-catching graphics and content that reflected the bakery’s personality and offerings across various social media platforms. We harnessed the power of short and engaging reels on platforms like Instagram to connect with a broader audience, sparking interest and boosting interaction. Our crafted graphics showcased the delicious range of cupcakes, drinks, and seasonal features, aiming to generate excitement and provide a sneak peek of the delightful treats customers could enjoy.


Additionally, we shared behind-the-scenes glimpses, team photos, and introductions of the sisters—Kelsey, Jennifer, and Kaitlyn—on both Facebook and Instagram, establishing a personal connection with the audience and sharing the story behind JJ Bakes Company. To keep things diverse and relatable, we incorporated a mix of user-generated content (UGC)-style posts, tapping into current trends. The result was a noteworthy increase in JJ Bakes Company’s Instagram following, a significant uptick in engagement, and a captivated local audience. This social media strategy not only contributed to the bakery becoming a sought-after spot but also solidified its presence as a vibrant and engaging force in the digital landscape.

The Results

  • IG Followers grew by 1000.
  • IG Monthly engagements went from 100 to 2k.
  • Facebook followers + engagement increased.
  • The majority of reels gained over 5k views, with one having over 11k.

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