Case Study:

Ten Thousand Villages

The Challenge

With the Christmas season fast approaching, how do you make your products stand out in the slew of product ads dominating users’ social media feeds? Ten Thousand Villages came to us with this challenge: increase consumer awareness for specific lines of products and, ultimately, drive e-commerce sales for the holiday season.

The Solution

To increase consumer awareness about Ten Thousand Village’s product lines, we created Facebook & Instagram Fullscreen Experiences (sometimes referred to as Canvas ads). These ads led users to an interactive multimedia experience where they could browse various products in that product set. They would then be directed to the e-commerce landing page of whichever product they clicked on. This was done with the Brand Awareness campaign goal to achieve maximum reach for the cost.

We then dynamically retargeted ads to users who had added an item to their cart, but never completed the purchase. This means that, if you added an item to your cart and left, an ad featuring that exact item would show up in the feed for up to 30 days.

To top it off and drive more sales, we also added a Catalog Sales campaign featuring some of Ten Thousand Villages top-selling products targeting users who share similar demographic & psychographic characteristics as users who’ve purchased TTV products in the past.

The Results


346 transactions as a direct result of our Dynamic Retargeting ads with a 625% return on ad spend


293 transactions from our top-selling Catalog Sales campaign with a 146% return on ad


Total return on ad spend for all campaigns combined: 242% spend

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