Case Study:

Big Splash Water Park

The Challenge

With the Summers getting warmer, how do we get families around the Lower Mainland to visit Big Splash Water Park instead of other options to cool down? Big Splash came to us with this challenge: generate as many ticket sales as possible and make us the number one choice for Summer activities in the Lower Mainland for families.

The Solution

We ran a Google Search campaign aimed at directing users to their ticketing page. We made sure we were always bidding higher than competitors, ensuring us the #1 position in Google Search results.

We ran Google Display ads aimed at retargeting to recent visitors of Big Splash’s website, reminding them to purchase if they haven’t already.

Finally, we ran a Facebook lead forms campaign aimed at collecting email addresses for Big Splash’s newsletter and aimed at increasing brand awareness.

The Results


12,052 ticket sales transactions, 589 phone calls, and 47 email newsletter sign-ups as a direct result of our Google ads 62% conversion rate for ticket sales, costing an average $1.10 per lead.


2,419 email subscriptions as a direct result of our Facebook lead forms ads with an average cost per lead of $1.01.

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