Case Study:

Parc East

The Challenge

With so many new developments being introduced to an already cluttered market in-and-around Vancouver, the question was: how do we help Parc East stand out amongst the crowd? And how do we get qualified leads? It’s one thing to get inquiries, but we wanted to turn those into actual sales.

The Solution

We took the budget and did two things: created a Facebook ad campaign targeting their audience and ran both Google searches and Bing search campaigns targeting what their audience were interested in. We also implemented innovative PR campaigns on both digital and traditional platforms. We took what was normally going to be a traditional ad spend and did a strategic advertorial buy.

The Results

We were thrilled with the results that we were able to accomplish, including bringing in over 1,751 registrations within three months.

Facebook ads today were the big winner mixed with our strategic advertorial buys – we were able to see the registrations coming in each day from the source and over 90% were from these two sources alone!


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