Case Study:

Marketing News Canada

The Challenge

Marketing News Canada (MNC) came to us with a tricky proposition. They wanted to launch a digital news publication and podcast focused on the worlds of marketing, communications and public relations and begin to reach audiences nationwide within a 3-4 month time span.

The Solution

We went out of the box with our solution to help out the folks at (MNC). We asked ourselves: what will garner the attention of marketing leaders across Canada and get them to actively engage with us? Our solution was broken down into two key components.

  1. Develop an infrastructure for regular article contributors that gives them the incentive to share their work published on Marketing News Canada.
    With regular contributors from some incredible leaders in the world of marketing, we were not only able to share excellent and topical content, but gave the contributors some bragging rights to share their contributions. If you didn’t know, Marketers love to share their success.
  2. Co-Host and Manage Awards centered around Canadian Marketing, Communications and PR (and add a little something extra).

The Awards

Previously managed by the great folks at Social at Home (one of Canada’s premier marketing conferences), the #Hashtag Awards had been running for 3 years celebrating all of the above. For the 4th Annual Awards, we took over all of the following:

  • Award Category development
  • Nomination management
  • Jury management
  • Promotion of the awards

Our goal was to create a process for nominators that was not only simple, but accessible to a wide range of organizations across Canada. With over 30 categories, and a 3 step application process, we were able to garner attention from organizations nationwide. All traffic was driven to the MNC website to learn about the awards and begin the application process.

Our Jurors also became incredible catalysts in promoting the awards. We developed a simple infrastructure for each Juror to submit a form with all of their information, which we then used to create marketing materials to promote their involvement. Each Juror was announced via social media, and was encouraged to share their participation, which many did, garnering attention with our target audience.

Once the awards were announced, all winners and runners up received digital assets and a link to a personal article to share with their networks, building even more awareness for MNC and driving more traffic to the website.

A Little Something Extra

To take the celebration of Canada’s top marketers one step further, we created Canada’s Marketing, Advertising, PR and Communications Hall of Fame. All in all, we inducted 26 brilliant Canadians, for many of which, this was a complete surprise. Similar to the award recipients, all inductees received the assets to share their accomplishments online.

Timeline of events:

  • Awards Launched: February 2021
  • Award Winners Plus Hall of Fame Inductees Announced: March 2021

The Results

increase in traffic

Growth in Average Monthly Website Traffic from December 2020 to March 2021

more followers

LinkedIn Follower Growth

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