What is Work Ethic and Why is it Important in Our Professional and Personal Life?

March 7, 2018

When it comes to setting goals, the ultimate success factor is work ethic. Whether you’re seeking a promotion at work or training to run your first marathon, establishing a strong work ethic is of the utmost importance. At Jelly, we believe that work ethic is composed of five elements: integrity, dedication, reliability, cooperation, and discipline. Putting these five elements into practice in your professional and personal life will help to create a positive work ethic that will lead to valuable relationships and set you up for success in all your endeavours.

Integrity is what keeps you honest and accountable for your actions. It involves establishing your moral principles and basing all your decisions on what you think it right. At work and in life, demonstrating integrity will attract like-minded people who are trustworthy and dependable. Having these people in your life will motivate you to make the right decisions, avoid short cuts when there is temptation, and achieve your goals by putting in the time and effort – which is the best feeling ever.


Reliability is important to achieve those small, but significant, daily successes. Reliability requires the ability to manage your commitments, maintain punctuality, and perform consistently. If you are a reliable worker, your team will know they can count on you to get the job done efficiently and effectively. In life, people value reliability and thus you will yield positive relationships.


With cooperation comes the understanding of the value of teamwork. Working cooperatively means respecting other people’s opinions and being able to receive constructive feedback. At work, employers look for people who can collaborate in a group setting and in life, this trait is just as valuable. It goes without saying that having the support from your team, family, friends, or colleagues can make any task a lot easier than if you were to tackle it yourself.

Some who has a strong work ethic is often described as dedicated and committed to their job. Dedicated employees are purpose driven and can be counted on to get the job done to the best of their ability. In life, dedication leads to passion, and when someone passionate puts their mind to something, nothing can stop them!


Discipline is the drive to stay focused on the goal and complete the tasks necessary to accomplish it. At work, being disciplined allows you to prioritize your responsibilities and complete your tasks on time. In life, discipline filters out distractions so you can zero in on what the end goal is and aim your efforts at achieving it.

Not only is a strong work ethic paramount to success in your career, but it is also crucial to everyday life. Implementing these five elements into your personal and professional routines will help you to increase your performance, build quality relationships, stay focused, and ultimately, see results!