7 Ways To Achieve Your Goals

October 22, 2021

Whether it’s a personal or a career goal, progression requires time, and for you to evolve requires focus and discipline. Below are 7 ways to achieve your goals:

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” Andrew Carnegie

Believe & Be Inspired


You need to believe in achieving your goals and become inspired. The inspiration you take from your daily life is what’s going to spark creativity, and create new ideas. Successful people understand that the process of progression can be maintained through believing and becoming inspired in your own and the work of others.



As mentioned, achieving your goals requires you to plan ahead. This allows you to easily track and better manage your workload, which will ultimately bring you closer to your goals.

SMART is a standard acronym, used to identify and plan goals effectively:


  • What exactly needs to be achieved?
  • What is the importance of the goal?
  • Who is responsible for achieving the goal?
  • How will it be achieved?


  • How will you measure the goal?
  • Is there any specific data that will indicate success?


  • Is the goal achievable and realistic?
  • What skills will you need to ensure that you achieve your goals?


  • How is the specific goal relevant to your other goals?
  • Why is the goal result important?

Time bound

  • By when should the goal be achieved?
  • What should be done from today, in 3-6 months?


To improve my business, I need to invest time and money on digital marketing certifications. I will be taking a 6 week course, and learning the fundamentals so I can increase our revenue by 20%.

Do It!

Take action

As simple as it may sound, achieving goals will not be accomplished if you don’t start. Based on the plan you’ve created, begin taking action and keep it balanced. For long term goals, break it down to smaller tasks, to avoid feeling burned out and stay productive.

During the process, take initiative and reflect on your current situation. Think of the following:

  • What can I do better?
  • Are there any unexpected challenges that came up?
  • Based on my SMART plan, are there any adjustments that need to be made?



Put yourself in the driver’s seat and lead the way when prioritizing your goals during a busy schedule. Ensure that you’re planning ahead so you have a better perspective on your agenda for the day. For example, you might plan the next day during the evening and go over the tasks you’ve completed so far.

Prioritization allows you to clearly map out the next morning, and start the day productively. Therefore, building a routine is key when it comes to prioritizing time in order to achieve your goals.

Take A Break

Take a break

According to research, “breaks increase productivity, creativity, and restore motivation, especially for long-term goals” [Psychology Today].

When you take breaks strategically, you give your brain a chance to refresh and generate new ideas. Meditate, take a walk or grab a cup of coffee during your breaks to keep you feeling refreshed, energized and productive.

Visualize Success

Visualize success

A great practice that can get you closer towards your goal is through visualization. This technique visualizes your goals as “complete”, which helps build creativity, motivation, and ultimately attracts the proper tools and resources you may need, in order to achieve your goals. Most people incorporate the practice during their morning or night routines, in just less than 10 minutes.

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself

Whether the accomplishment is big or small, every step you take brings you closer to your goal. Becoming inspired and believing sets a strong foundation to connecting yourself with the goal. Once you put your focus and create an effective SMART plan, you are able to start prioritizing your tasks accordingly.

But remember – balance is key and taking a break is essential for sparking creativity and refreshing your mind. Stay accountable and visualize success by creating a routine that can make the process enjoyable, evoking a sense of daily accomplishment and internal motivation.

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