The 5 Morning Habits of Extremely Regular Performers

March 2, 2021

Ever wonder how to get into a totally “normal” routine? One that will be envied by all of your followers? We’ve got you covered. We’ve all seen the 20-step routines of “successful” people, but what about the rest of us who are just trying to get by? We’re going to break down the five most useful habits to build your totally normal routine, that normal people swear by!

Being Woken Up By Their Children

Nothing says good morning like the sounds of small children storming into your bedroom! Ditch the alarm clock – waking up naturally is proven to be better for your circadian rhythm. Not to mention you’ve got built-in alarm clocks at home with you; your kids! 

Having a Warm Shower

Who would want to freeze first thing in the morning? Not us! Warm showers are the key to a moment of serenity in your routine. The best part about your warm shower is the 30 seconds it takes to convince yourself to finally turn off the tap. Talk about working on your self-motivation skills! 

Making Their Kids’ Lunches: No Time To Meditate

Craving ‘me-time’? Well, your kids are craving lunch. The next step in this routine is packing your kids’ lunches. Maybe if you’re lucky you can get a moment of zen while spreading the peanut butter.

Eat Whatever Possible With The Time One Has 

A balanced diet is so important in creating your routine. We suggest eating whatever you can find in your kitchen with whatever time you’ve got before running out the door. Scraps from the kids’ lunches? You got it! Leftovers that were still sitting on the stove? That’s a big win! Just ensure you get something before you head out the door.

Stay Up Late Binging Netflix 

The best way to wrap up your routine is by winding down at the end of the night with your favourite Netflix show. Why stop at just one episode? You deserve to watch the whole series! Totally normal people swear by binge-watching into the wee hours of the night to create a balanced routine.

There you have it. A routine we can all get behind! Did we miss any steps in this totally normal routine? Drop us a line about your favourite moment in your daily routine!