Top 5 Instagram Gallery Content Suggestions

March 2, 2017

Hand holds iphone while looking at facebook pictures.

Remember when, in order to share all the cool stuff you’ve been up to, you had to cram all your amazing images into a crazy cramped collage? Those days are looooong gone, friends.

Instagram now allows you to share as many as 10 photos, videos, and/or boomerangs in a swipeable gallery! It’s a super cool new feature that makes us (*heart*) Instagram even more than we already did. So the big question is how can you actually use this new feature to be awesome?

Here’s our Top 5 Instagram Gallery Content Suggestions:

Epic Vacation Montage

  • Make us jelly-jealous of your latest trip to Cabo. (We’ll be jealous no matter what you post. Promise.)
  • Create a best of gallery:
    • Beaches
    • Pools
    • Drinkies
  • Use video to show us just how much fun a night out at the hottest club can really be!

Fashionistas & Fashionisters

  • Show us how to wear it and where to buy it.
  • Did you make it? Create a product gallery.
  • Shows how to be hawt transitioning day to night, or from club to club!

Drab to Fab Before and After’s

  • Hot new brow technique? Show us in a step-by-step how to.
  • Cat-theme remodeling your boss’s office without her permission while she’s outta town? For sure show us that, cause we’ll wanna see!
  • Techno-nerd timeline metadata makeover? Ya, sure. There’s an audience for that too! #TimelineTuesday

Workshops Seminars and Events

  • Rubbing shoulders with the coolest digital marketing industry leaders at CIMC this April? Selfie montage with networking tips!
  • Score a sweet swag bag at an event? Create a swag un-bagging and give a shout out to all the vendors
  • Gettin’ fancy for the after parties? Show us how to up your style game and get your party on!

Behind the Scenes

  • Work at the hippest new start-up in the city? You can finally prove that your office is way cooler than the rest of ours by showcasing your lunchtime ping-pong tourney’s and 4PM restorative yoga classes.
  • Working in the food industry? Show us how it’s made, why it’s tasty, and where we can buy it. Or better yet, surprise an unsuspecting office with free snackies. (Note: our office is always up for free snackies!!)
  • Organizing an event? Create teasers in advance to generate buzz! Post-promote with candid party shots, and cool behind the scenes moments!

When you’re posting, keep in mind that “…Instagram isn’t (just) about sharing photos anymore. It’s a lifestyle platform…”
So if you think of galleries as an opportunity to share a dynamic visual story that gives us a taste of what it’s like to live your gorgeous life, we’ll keep on swipin’!

Pro Tip:

Because it’s a new feature, we might not realize that you’ve created an Instagram Gallery. (Those little blue dots at the bottom are easy to miss.) Consider making a “cover page” type of image with a call to action inviting us to swipe left.