What Your Social Platform Says About You

February 14, 2017

We can tell a lot about a person by how they move, the way they speak and the way they interact with others. Take all of that and put it online and it becomes a lot harder. Although, as we’re spending more time on social media, it’s becoming much easier to categorize our personalities depending on where we out most of our efforts.

Social media marketing logos, with youtube, twitter, instagram, linkedin, and facebook.Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, oh my. It doesn’t take a psychologist to tell us that our online personalities can be different from our face-to-face ones, but it might take one to tell you why you’re so obsessed with the latest tweets, posts and pics. Team Jelly decided to channel our inner Freud and tell you a bit about yourself based on the social medium you prefer.


The OG of social platforms (not including MySpace, Nexopia, Multiply, MSN Messenger, ICQ…) with over 1.79 billion active users, Facebook is the most popular choice worldwide. If you’re using it, you probably like staying well-connected and in the loop.

With a serious case of FOMO, you’re always where the action is and never miss an invite. If it happened, people sure know about it.

That networking conference you were at? Checked in.

That hip new bar downtown? Location services turned on.

You use your social network to socialize, know all the gossip and occasionally creep friends who haven’t been in your life for a while. Facebook is the modern day telephone. Who needs to call and ask how someone is when Facebook will tell you everything you need to know about them? That’s because Facebook tracks every aspect of your life and probably knows you better than you know you.


Tweet, tweet, chirp, chirp. Hear that? It’s the sounds of millions of 140-characters-or-less microbits of conversations flying over all of our heads. While steadily declining in popularity over the past

several years, Twitter is a platform for news-a-holics, jokesters and, of course, Donald Trump.

But besides some questionable political tweets, breaking news and every single dad joke, Twitter is an excellent place to get the goods without having to talk too much. So, what does that say about you? You’re not one for elaborating on your feelings or sharing too much information. Short and sweet is your modus operandi. You’re that person who texts back “K.” Admit it.


Hand holds phone featuring someones instagram profile.

How many times have you checked your newest Instagram photo today? If each and every new like gives you a little burst of happiness, then we think you’ve found your platform. While Instagram may not have the popularity of Facebook, it’s steadily gaining ground – especially among artists, designers and photographers.

As an Insta-addict, you’re obsessed with your grid flow, making sure every photo maximizes your perfect life – all while remaining aesthetically pleasing for those carefully cultivated number of followers. Your caption game is strong and – while Twitter may be home to short informational messages – Instagram is the place to unleash your bulk hashtagging skills. #Seriously #Hashtags #AllDayEveryDay

With the launch of several new interfaces and business models over the years, Instagram is home to thousands who have learned to turn a profit with their duck face selfies and travel getaways. #Goals.


If a picture says thousand words, then a 10 second video can convey a lifetime. Especially if it’s the cumulation of your whole night out posted to your story. Most popular with the younger demographic, Snapchat has evolved into a bustling storytelling-based platform with story channels from most major publications and celebrities.

Aside from the dog filters and the voice changers, Snapchat is perfect for big personalities. This is the social media platform for you if you want to be a star. If you didn’t snap it, were you even there in the first place?

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