What I do. What I love.

August 6, 2014

by: Darian Kovacs and Eric Reynolds

“What do you do?”

It happened again today. One of our clients came by the office and was getting a tour, being introduced to the team, when that question was asked.

“What do you do, Darian?”

It’s a tough one; easier for our social media coordinator or our PR coordinator. Their roles are a bit more defined than mine. But I tried.

“I find creative and new ways to bend and leverage technology to tell a brand’s story.”

It didn’t really fly like I hoped it would, so I tried again.

“I love seeing how we can make memories in people’s experiences so that brands stick out and people have some sort of emotional response.”

That was a bit better, but I could tell they needed it unpacked a bit.

“Technology is a great tool, but what I really love is the human element of how public relations can mix with social campaigns as well as online ads in order to see a brand or idea saturate a targeted group of people.”

I decided it was time to talk about what I love about what I do. Because, at the end of the day, my answer to that one is quite simple.

“I love seeing our client’s dreams and goals fulfilled.”

It’s what I do. It’s what I love.