Support BC and Your Diverse Staff with these 6 Local Gift Ideas

November 5, 2020

The past year has been a stressful and demanding experience for businesses and their employees. As a business leader, taking time and effort to show your staff some appreciation can mean a lot. Finding the perfect gift for each team member can be a challenge, especially with so many options available on the market. This year, I have focused on supporting my community, finding new ways to buy local. I have found giving locally sourced gifts is an excellent way to support both staff and the local BC community – which is why I have chosen these six gift options for this year’s holidays.

  1. Wine and spirits are one of the most popular gifts of the season. However, I’m sure most of us have that shelf of assorted beverages that we receive from Christmas and never drink. Have your staff pick their own drinks this year with – a mobile liquor delivery app that allows you to shop, order, and enjoy without going to the store. As a BC business, is a great local solution for any picky drinkers or pretentious wine snobs. The website also offers a monthly wine club subscription – delivering an assortment of fine wines at your door!
  1. Saul Good Gift Boxes: The perfect gift for those who are impossible to buy for – a themed gift box with an array of local goodies. Vancouver company, Saul Good Gift Co., sells a variety of fun, thoughtful, and delicious gift boxes – each with its own theme for purpose. The great thing about these gift boxes is that they remove the pressure of finding the perfect item. Instead, you can select the right mood or occasion, with Saul Good doing the rest of the work. Boxes are packed with love and shipped directly to the recipient of your choosing. Whether it’s a local gourmet box or an office party package, Saul Good has you covered.
  1. Granville Island Delivery Co.: Who doesn’t love a Sunday trip to Granville Island? The market, the art, and don’t forget Lee’s donuts! There’s so much packed into this little piece of Vancouver, it’s hard to enjoy it all in one day. Thankfully, you can now get your favourite Granville Island offerings delivered to your door with the Granville Island Delivery Co. Pick a fun cornucopia of your favourite local offerings and have it delivered that same week! Whether it’s a personally curated box or a generous gift card, the Granville Island Gift box is a memorable way to show your staff your appreciation. 
  1. Legends Haul: The perfect gift for the office foodie – a curated box from Legends Haul. This local company emerged as a way to connect Vancouver’s freshest offerings with hungry people. Meats, cheeses, fresh veggies – you name it! Legends Haul has it all – including gift cards for your more difficult to shop for team members. Legends Haul has teamed up with local restaurants to offer frozen meals off your favourite dine-in menus! There’s something for everyone at Legends Haul, some might even say it’s legendary!
  1.  Mission Hill Winery: For the wine lovers on your list, I highly suggest checking out Mission Hill Winery. Although this winery is located in Kelowna, Mission Hill offers home delivery across the lower mainland! Order a bottle of our favourite red and enjoy a taste of the Okanagan, without the 4-hour drive! Mission Hill is ideal for anyone looking to support a business that is BC operated from its grapes to its distribution. Mission Hill Wine delivery offers you access to their finest wines, not just what you see at the BCL! 
  1. Simply Beautiful Boxes: If you like the idea of curated gift boxes, this one is perfect for your office team. Simply Beautiful Boxes are gift boxes curated for women, filled with assorted beauty products, home decor, and much, much more! These boxes offer valuable gifts at affordable price points and are sure to please your female team members. Simply Beautiful also has an Extraordinary Mens Box in their line of subscriptions – offering the ideal assortment of gifts for the men on your staff. No matter the gender, there’s a box for everyone with these exciting, hand-curated boxes. The boxes work on a quarterly subscription basis and bring a fun surprise to every quarter. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Darian Kovacs is the owner and founder of Jelly Digital Marketing & PR, He brings a wealth of experience to his work, energizing companies of all industries and sizes. He is the co-host of Amazon’s hit show, Marketing Jam, and an active member of the local small business community.