Thank You, Jelly

April 17, 2015

Today, I drove the regular route to Jelly Marketing for my last day as Jelly’s Communications Intern.

The past four months have been jam-packed with extraordinary opportunity and adventure (or Jelly-packed, if you will) with each new task and client bringing me invaluable experience and irreplaceable relationships.

So to conclude my term at Jelly, I wanted to thank each group of people who have contributed to making my time here so rewarding.

To the Jelly Team:

Thank you for including me as a ‘real’ member of the team from the very beginning; for listening to my ideas, and allowing me to contribute to discussion and projects. Thank you for providing mentorship, training and real on-the-job experience; for inspiring me. It has been said that passion is the difference between a job and a career. Each of you has demonstrated passion – genuine care – about the work you do, and the people you work with and for. Working under the leadership at Jelly has increased my level of confidence that I’m on the right career path.

To the Jelly Clients:

Thank you for being a great bunch of folks who know how to pick a quality Marketing & PR firm. Jelly’s clients are unique, diverse and valued. It has been my pleasure to work with some of you and add to your success through my time at Jelly Marketing.

To the parents, grandparents and friends:

I believe my work here is done. You are – now and forevermore – Jelly fans. Thanks for your support (likes, shares, retweets, and favorites). I love you dearly!

To Trinity Western University:

The excellence in education that I’ve received at TWU in the first two years of my degree program allowed me to enter my first internship with confidence. I am blessed with professors who care and teammates to learn with. Bring on the 3rd year!

And finally, thanks to Grumpy Cat for always brightening my day.

By Brittany Klassen