Telling Better Stories with Nicolle Hodges

October 15, 2016

PR Agency Advice | Creative Storytelling

Nicolle Hodges

Nicolle is a multi-talented writer and television host who brings her media-savvy eye to the team at Jelly. She is unwavering in her mission to connect people and brands through effective storytelling and social media. In her spare time, Nicolle is attempting to become a Scrabble champion and read the equivalent of her height in books (again). She releases any leftover energy through kickboxing.

Nicolle Hodges – Guest PR Coordinator at Jelly Marketing

During this episode we discuss…

  • Nicole’s career path to Jelly Marketing including a stint at Entertainment Tonight Canada
  • Being mentored by George Stroumboulopoulos
  • Taking journalism at BC IT
  • The experience working at Jelly Marketing
  • The keys to creating a well thought out story
  • Inspiration and humor in your PR
  • A few things to think about it when you put a press release together
  • Life change – Starting an art camp for Syrian refugee children in Greece

Selected links from this episode

  • Nicolle Hodges
  • FeFe Dobson
  • Doordash
  • Nicolle on Instagram
  • Nicolle’s refugee story: “Why I dropped everything and went to Greece”

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