Speaking of web design…How to do it better with Shawn Johnston from Forge and Smith

October 29, 2016

Digital Marketing Agency | Advice on Web Design

Shawn Johnston

Shawn is the Founder and Principal at Forge and Smith. He is an 18 year survivor of the design industry a father of two, a wannabe ninja and a burgeoning guitar god. He has always focused on creating simple and easy-to-use interfaces grounded in sound structure and focused strategy. He loves working with people who feel the same way about the importance of details and share my conviction for follow through and integrity.

Shawn Johnston – Principal at Forge and Smith

In this interview we discuss…

  • The development of the Forge and Smith brand and how Shawn might be the original hipster

  • Shawn’s career path to business ownership
  • How Shawn married his love of design and building into website development
  • What it means to be a 20 year survivor of the web development industry
  • Enjoying the sales process and staying involved in the design process at the same time
  • The improving web development world
  • The importance of paying attention to your users and how they interact with your content
  • 2 things that Shawn considers to be good web design
  • The petri dish – the Forge in Smith website

Selected links from this interview…

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  • The Greater Vancouver Food Bank
  • hotjar – Analytics and feedback
  • JJ Bean

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