Smarter Social Media Marketing with Tod Maffin

October 10, 2016

Digital Marketing Agency | Social Media Marketing

Tod Maffin

Tod is the President of engageQ where he works with companies (from shopping centres, to major sports events, to retail brands) to take the load of digital/social marketing off their plate. Tod is also a well known speaker, author and broadcaster.

Tod Maffin – President, engageQ

In this episode we discuss…

  • Tod’s radio career including time at CBC Radio and now as a back up host at Roundhouse Radio
  • How Tod first became interested in marketing
  • The early days of his own company engageQ – an accidental start?
  • engageQ’s main strengths are 1. social engagement and 2. engageQ is a data driven organization first, producing good solid ROI
  • The importance of having a clearly defined marketing goal
  • Quoting Tod – “The community of agencies should rise to support the community of agencies”
  • engageQ success stories
  • Retargeting – “be smarter”

Selected links from this episode…

  • engageQ
  • Evidence Tod worked at CBC
  • MEC’s summer camping campaign
  • Mixmax
  • YouCanBookMe


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