Online Marketing Strategist and YouTube Star – Sunny Lenarduzzi

November 26, 2016

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Digital Marketing Agency Podcast

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny is an Award Winning Social Media Strategist specializing in Video Marketing. Broadcaster turned YouTuber and speaker. She has had incredible success in the online marketing world including being involved in one of the biggest streaming advertising campaigns in history.

Sunny Lenarduzzi – Photo Kit and Ace

In this episode…

  • How Sunny went from journalism to online marketing
  • How Sunny grew her YouTube channel to 60,000 subscribers and 4 million views
  • What Sunny’s decision to become an entrepreneur was like
  • How Sunny got over 1 billion impressions for her Applebee’s campaign – The biggest live streaming campaign in history
  • Periscope versus Facebook Live
  • How to grow a YouTube channel – If you want to grow an audience fast start with educational content – post how to content, tutorials, and reviews
  • The power of building a team and outsourcing things
  • How Sunny chooses her team – shout out to Ayla
  • How to create a Snapchat marketing campaign – tell a story with a beginning, middle and end

Selected Links

  • YouTube for Bosses
  • Alzheimer’s and the Lenarduzzi family

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