Meet Darian, Jelly’s Principal!

August 29, 2016

Name: Darian Kovacs

Position: Principal

What do you do?

I am the Principal, or janitor. I do business developments, which also can be known as filtering our leads to make sure we get the right clients in the door. I make sure that we find the right partners to work with, so we’re only saying yes to what’s a good fit for our team. Also, I set the vision and tone for where Jelly is headed as a company.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

This isn’t one specific achievement, but these are things that I’m proud of every day:

1) I think we’re only as good as our team. I’d say the biggest achievement is that we’ve been able to do things so differently as a team.

2) I feel like I can always be myself in the office, and I don’t have to change to work here.

3) Our client wins are the fruit of our happy staff. We celebrate these on a weekly basis, and love seeing results for our clients.

4) I’m also proud of the fact that we maintain transparency, honesty, and integrity in this industry.

What’s been your favourite memory at Jelly?

That’s like asking who my favourite child is! My favourite times here are though, when our Project Manager tells the team that the client has been able to see the tangible results of the campaigns we run. We’re always so happy and excited when this happens. The staff gets to see the excitement that comes with their work, and the client gets some amazing wins that make them more profitable.

What’s your favourite flavour of jelly?