How to work with influencers and take your PR to the next level

September 5, 2016

Sucheta Singh

Sucheta Singh is the PR Coordinator at Jelly Marketing. Before joining Jelly Sucheta was the host of BC People on Global Television and a television reporter / editor for Shaw TV.

Stay tuned to the end of the interview where we find out what Sucheta likes to spread on her toast.

Episode topics…

  • Sucheta’s career path to Jelly Marketing
  • The changing TV industry and how it affected Sucheta’s career path
  • Working with online influencers
  • How to know if you should stick with traditional PR or start working with influencers (or both)
  • The importance of discovering the stories behind your product and communicating those in your marketing
  • Why to give your PR efforts time to grow

Sucheta Singh – Jelly Marketing

Quoting Sucheta…

“Everybody out there has a story to tell and there’s always something interesting that you can find.” ~ Sucheta Singh

Selected links from this episode…

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