How to increase YouTube views with Video Marketing Expert Marlon Doll

November 6, 2016

Digital Marketing Agency | Youtube Advice

Marlon Doll

Marlon Doll is a Vancouver-based entertainment producer and digital marketer with 7 years experience on YouTube. He’s a YouTube Certified Consultant in Audience Development and Digital Rights. He currently works at the World’s largest multi-platform network BroadbandTV as the music content manager, consulting and managing some of the World’s largest music channels and their content.

Marlon also works independently with brands to help them reach their customers through his video marketing company Vireo Video, with a focus on sustainable food and health brands.

Marlon produces and hosts a cooking show called ‘Bachelor on a Budget’ that teaches people how to create cheap, healthy, and tasty meals. Just over a year in, he’s built the channel to over 70 videos, 8000 Subscribers, and 500,000 views through organic growth, been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, on the Dr. Oz Show, and produced the series on a minimal budget.

Marlon Doll

Marlon Doll

In this episode we discuss…

  • Marlon’s career path
  • BroadbandTV’s two main services – 1_ Monetizing user generated content for brands, 2_ Helping individual creators grow their audience
  • How the idea for the Bachelor on a Budget YouTube channel developed
  • How Marlon ended up in the food genre
  • The growth of Bachelor on a Budget
  • Tips for improving your video’s reach – Make sure you optimize your video with relevant keywords and tags, It’s all about audience retention and watch time, Optimize your title and description, Share the video on credible sources like Facebook and other social platforms such as Reddit. Also use paid ads, Provide value and then get people into a funnel
  • Marlon’s answers to our lightning round questions including what he likes to spread on his toast!

Selected links from this interview…

  • Trello
  • Vancouver Film School
  • BroadbandTV
  • VISO
  • How to cook great ribs in the oven
  • The Ultimate Vegetarian Quesadilla Recipe
  • Gary Vaynerchuk

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