Get to Know the Team: Back to School (Nerds vs. Jocks) Edition Part 2 / 2

September 6, 2017

And we’re back! Part 2/2 of our Get to Know the Team (Nerds vs. Jocks) Edition details what the rest of the Jelly Team feels about PE vs Math, Hipster glasses, and all things “geeking out”. We took the time to get up close and personal with the Jelly Team to learn more about what those outside of the office dynamics may not know!

Q1. What was your favourite childhood sports team?

  • Mike: Canucks
  • Nicolle: Tune Squad
  • Darian: Calgary Flames (cool logo to draw)
  • Shaheed: Vancouver Canucks
  • Katrina: Mighty Ducks (then) Blades of Glory (now)
  • Brianna: Vancouver Canucks and Seattle Seahawks – with my daddio
  • Taylor: Pittsburgh Steelers (American Football is ballin’ — however my choice of team never typically is haha)

Q2. What is the weirdest sports injury you have ever endured?

  • Mike: Strained MCL
  • Nicolle: I had all my eyelashes ripped out during a basketball game. I still don’t know how
  • Darian: Only one – Broken collarbone – Mountain Biking
  • Shaheed: Dislocated kneecap
  • Katrina: Ringworm/rash from Flag Football
  • Brianna: N/A
  • Taylor: Should I admit I didn’t play any sports long enough to be injured..?

Q3. What is the thing you most geek out on?

  • Mike: I don’t geek out… wish I did
  • Nicolle: Books?
  • Darian: Duft and Co. Desserts
  • Shaheed: Camera tech
  • Katrina: Breastfeeding
  • Brianna: collections of shells, rocks and fossils
  • Taylor: Organizational tools! (highlighters, notebooks, pens, dividers, sticky notes, agendas — I love them all and have my favorites!)

Q4. Who is your favourite celebrity athlete or “geek”?

  • Mike: Jamie Foxx (note from the editor: he apparently missed the athlete or geek part of the Q…HA)
  • Nicolle: Stephen Curry
  • Darian: Malcolm Gladwell
  • Shaheed: Casey Neistat
  • Katrina: Lionel Messi
  • Brianna: Does Zac Efron count as a celebrity athlete?
  • Taylor: N/A …I have no idea, sorry!

Q5. High School PE Class vs. Math Class…. Which did you prefer?

  • Mike: PE
  • Nicolle: PE
  • Darian: PE
  • Shaheed: PE
  • Katrina: PE
  • Brianna: PE definitely
  • Taylor: Rough choice… can I say neither? 😉

Q6. Hipster glasses. Yay or nay?

  • Mike: Don’t have glasses. But yay if I did
  • Nicolle: Yay – the more “dirty uncle” the better
  • Darian: Yay
  • Shaheed: Nay
  • Katrina: NAY
  • Brianna: Depends … usually yay …
  • Taylor: Yay all the way!