Get to Know the Team: Back to School (Nerds vs. Jocks) Edition Part 1 / 2

September 6, 2017

As the back to school season is here, it’s time for us to push up those sleeves and get back into work mode – but, it’s also a chance for us to connect to our inner nerds and jocks of our past and present-day selves. We took the time to get up close and personal with the Jelly Team to learn more about what those outside of the office dynamics may not know!

Q1. What was your favourite childhood sports team?

  • Avi: The Mighty Ducks
  • Sullivan: Calgary Flames
  • Stephanie: Vancouver Canucks
  • Jacqueline: Sask. Roughriders
  • Amaan: Vancouver Canucks
  • Olivia: Vancouver Whitecaps
  • Robyn: Vancouver Grizzlies

Q2. What is the weirdest sports injury you have ever endured?

  • Avi: Dove for the ball in Club Volleyball and had a cut up my stomach
  • Sullivan: Had feelings hurt during a baseball game
  • Stephanie: Broken pinky from Football
  • Jacqueline: Own goalie kicked a soccer ball at the back of my head, resulting in a concussion
  • Amaan: Hurt my bum binge watching the first 5 seasons of Suits
  • Olivia: Tendonitis in my ankles
  • Robyn: A fractured sesamoid bone in my right foot (it’s a random one…look it up!)

Q3. What is the thing you most geek out on?

  • Avi: Harry Potter related anything
  • Sullivan: Audio, PC gaming
  • Stephanie: Gaming
  • Jacqueline: Packaging design
  • Amaan: Coffee and gadgets. And coffee gadgets
  • Olivia: History shows and movies
  • Robyn: Astrology, alternative and naturopathic health remedies of any kind (LOVE me some Sage Essential oils)

Q4. Who is your favourite celebrity athlete or “geek”?

  • Avi: Hermoine Granger
  • Sullivan: Carl Sagan
  • Stephanie: Serena Williams – who else wins the Australian Open, 16 weeks pregnant!
  • Jacqueline: Kevin Pillar (yaaas bae)
  • Amaan: The Rock
  • Olivia: Christine Sinclair
  • Robyn: Cristiano Ronaldo….(I pledge allegiance to the motherland of Portugal)

Q5. High School PE Class vs. Math Class…. Which did you prefer?

  • Avi: Tossup
  • Sullivan: PE
  • Stephanie: PE
  • Jacqueline: Math class! (fun fact: dance teacher made it so I didn’t have to take P.E. past grade 8)
  • Amaan: Math
  • Olivia: PE
  • Robyn: Neither – more of a band geek

Q6. Hipster glasses. Yay or nay?

  • Avi: Nay
  • Sullivan: Yay
  • Stephanie: YAY YAH!
  • Jacqueline: Yay
  • Amaan: Was wearing them before they were cool
  • Olivia: Nay
  • Robyn: I bought glasses without prescription from the ages of 10-17….you know the answer.