Apps that Changed My Life: Save-On Foods

August 10, 2016

Tomatoes, broccoli, carrots and other vegetables hang out together in a bunch.

I’m always looking into new technologies and apps, and the way they affect human life. Some apps have turned our world into a social event where excuses are made to be mobile and interact with people, such as Pokemon Go. Much like how Pokemon Go has affected people who don’t like to go outside, the Save-On Foods app impacts people who have little spare time to grocery shop. For people with kids, like myself, I no longer have to take them to the grocery store, and can allocate that time into (much more fun) family bonding.

The app is amazing as you can order anything in the store, and it will all be delivered to your doorstep. It finds all of the deals and sales for you at your fingertips, rather than searching the store. It’s become one of the main apps for grocery shopping. They’ve developed a high-maintenance app with great deals, good incentives, and plenty of hooks to keep people in the habit of using the app.

With the app, I no longer feel like I’m shopping impulsively. Because I’m not seeing and smelling things in the actual store, I don’t feel the need to grab the junk food I normally would in store. Also, I don’t have the kids running up and down the candy aisle in hopes of taking bags of jelly beans home!

What I love most about the app is that it’s stress-free. I don’t need to worry about bringing my kids somewhere that they don’t want to be, and making them sit in a shopping cart for an hour or so. After a long work day, it’s great to have the ability to kick back and get the groceries done from home. If I’m exhausted or sick, I can still get all of it done, no hassle.

I love Amazon and the Amazon app, as there’s so many great deals and it’s incredibly easy to shop. I ordered a car seat online from them, and to my pleasant surprise, it was delivered to my house the next day. I once ordered salsa from the Amazon app, and it was then that I pictured as the next big grocery app. But, the Overwaitea group was able to get in on the market first and produce the Save-On app before Amazon took over Canada. Because of this, Save-On has a great chance of becoming the go-to app for grocery shoppers on the go.

There’s definitely pros and cons that you need to weigh with any new thing. The shipping for this app is quite expensive, so you’ll need to consider if it’s going to make a big enough impact on your life for it to be routine for you. When balancing a busy work life, family, and friends, the Save-On app has had a significant impact on the way I live. It’s opened up time to complete more tasks, and time to spend having fun with my family. Now all we need is an app that can teleport the food..