AMPLIFY!! With Leah Gregg from ReThink

September 17, 2016

Leah Gregg

Leah is the Director of Amplification at Rethink. She’s helped earn billions of impressions in the press and on social for Rethink’s most viral campaigns like the Uber Safe Breathalyzer, Molson Canadian Beer Fridge, Luge for the CIDI, honest election signs for the No Ford Nation, and the Science of Sexuality for Science World. Her strategy for social campaigns has been recognized as best-in-class by the Facebook Studio Awards, Mashable’s Mashies and featured in case studies by Twitter.

In this episode we discuss…

  • How Leah first became interested in marketing
  • Leah’s path to working at Rethink
  • Creating the social media rulebook on the fly
  • Transitioning from the nonprofit world to the profit world
  • What does rethink do and what does Leah do as the director of amplification?
  • Leah’s experience hosting the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference
  • Tip: Make sure your content is relevant and that there’s something in it for the audience that you are trying to reach
  • The process of creating a campaign at Rethink and how Leah fits into it
  • Rethink’s award winning project: Molson Canadian Passport Fridge

Leah Gregg – Rethink

Quoting Leah…

  • “Your best idea is either your first one or your hundredth, but you won’t know until you get to 100.”
  • “It has to be clear. It has to be relevant. Whatever we present and want to move ahead with has to be achievable. It has to be fresh, true and inherently social.”

Selected links from this episode (lots of awesomeness)…

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