Accountability and Reporting Were King in 2016. How’s 2017 Looking?

January 9, 2017

A look ahead with Darian Kovacs

After the whirlwind that was 2016, 2017 is finally here. A time to start fresh, take control and take the world by storm. This might fizzle out soon enough but let’s start with a positive attitude.

So, what trends can we see in digital marketing in 2017? We turned to Jelly’s Principal, Darian Kovacs to make some predictions. But in order to move forward, we have to take a step back.

In 2016, Darian says he saw the industry mature. “Our industry is maturing. So because of that you’re seeing more clients [in digital marketing].”

Clients are also becoming more savvy as they ask for clearer reporting and more accountability from their partnered digital marketing agencies. They are starting to ask the right questions and are holding agencies to account more often.

“I think it’s a really positive direction for both the good agencies and the good marketing directors and the good social media coordinators.”

So, what does 2017 have in store? Darian says it will bring a maturing of reporting and accountability when it comes to working with influencers. 2016 saw the rise of the influencer and 2017 will continue that trend, especially with advertorial. There will be more press going towards “pay to play”.

“I feel a sadness in that sense. There’s a sadness because it’s going to be harder and harder to find pure editorial. Certain publications will be known for having pure great editorial that’s unpaid for. I think people will have budget for that and plan for that.”

Trends come and go and some continue to grow. “Video is going to continue to take off, especially live video.”

For Jelly Marketing, Darian says he wants to be on the leading edge of growth.

“This year we’re going to see better bridges built between digital and traditional offline because there’s a growing trust and respect with those two industries.”

Marketers will be looking at print and offline material (for example: Jelly jars at Jelly Marketing, posters, print ads, etc) and seeing how we can better integrate it online. Overall, Darian adds, the industry will continue its trend of maturing and evolving while weeding out the good, the bad and the ugly.

“Less ignorance. Less people will hire random people off the internet just because he or she has a twitter account.”