5 Ways to Celebrate a Win in the Office

June 20, 2018

Big or small, it’s important to celebrate success, especially in an office setting. Acknowledging a win can be motivating and encouraging for your employees. We’ve put together 5 Ways to Celebrate a Win in the Office:

1. Announce the win to the team!

Wins in the office are exciting and should be shared with everyone! Announce the win to the entire office in an email, message, or announcement!

2. Ring a cowbell or blow an air horn!

There’s something satisfying about making loud noises after making a deal!

Invest in a noisemaker that can be used to get everyone’s attention whenever there is a win.

3. Create a team chant!

If you have a big, loud team, this might be how you already celebrate wins! Create a team chant or cheer that everyone recites after a big deal is made. This will make everyone feel apart of the success.

4. Go for a team lunch!

A great way to bring everyone together to celebrate a win is to get out of the office for a team lunch! This takes everyone away for a bit to enjoy each other’s company without the stresses of being at work.

5. Pop champagne in the office!

One of our favourite ways to celebrate in the office is by popping champagne! Whether it’s a big client win, birthday, or just Friday, champagne always makes it feel like a celebration!

How do you celebrate your team’s wins? Let us know in the comments below.