​4 Tips To Bolster Your Brand

October 18, 2016

You know your product is awesome. And here at Jelly Marketing, we know your product is awesome too. But sometimes that’s not enough to get the recognition and audience you deserve. If you’re getting lost in a sea of similar products, here are a couple of easy steps to help you and your brand stand out in the crowd:

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Know Your Market

Your company might have a wicked idea but it doesn’t matter if you’re not reaching your target market. To do this, buckle down and write for your audience, not your brand. You want to reach out to them instead of promoting yourself. Take their considerations into account and showcase how you, above all of your competition, can provide the solution.

This will create trust between consumer and provider and give you a head start in the race to reputability.

Be Social

Everyone is, or should be, on social media. If you’re not, you’re missing an enormous chance to have a playful yet powerful impact on how your brand is perceived.

Social platforms

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the Big Three when it comes to social media marketing. Each provides a slightly different platform, but used together, paint an excellent portrait of your company, product and values. Although you should never consider yourself limited to just these three. Snapchat, Pinterest, Houzz and many other platforms are out there to better spread your message and your image.

Visuals are extremely important. Besides catching the attention of your audience, images and videos are a great way to create an emotional engagement. This is why multimedia marketing is considered the most important tactic in creating brand content. It gets people interested and interested people start conversations, share and pass along information. All of this proves advantageous in promoting your product.

Technology is Here to Help, Not Hinder

If you’re worried about spending more time on the internet than on the ground, make use of the many programs out there that’ll help you find the time to balance your online and physical presence.

Take a couple hours to get on top of your week’s social schedule. Plan and set up several days worth of posts in advance. It’s an easy thing to do and will help you in the deliverance of your product strategy.

Be Valuable & Consistent With Your Message & Goals

You’re an expert about your brand. You need to prove to your audience that you can be relied upon to provide quick and knowledgeable advice. Always reply and to questions and comments. It goes without saying, use proper grammar, language and spelling while doing so. Above else, have fun with it. You want to be a mix of professional and approachable. By utilizing these tips, monitoring the statistics and by having a clear KPIs, you can start to measure your success on how well your brand is doing in the digisphere.

All of these will help put forth a strong and concise brand that people can get behind. It’s about activity and engagement. Let your consumers help you prove yourself to others. Once you have a good reputation, you’re already one giant leap ahead of your competition.

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