4 PR Software Programs You Should Consider Using

June 14, 2017

When working in the Public Relations (PR) industry, a main component of your position is to stay on top of trends. Media is persistently evolving, and it is your job to evolve with it. Consider the rise of social media– bloggers and influencers are popping up everywhere, and media lists are no longer reserved for just traditional media. Collecting and developing media list content is an important aspect of any PR professional’s job. With great media lists come great outreach and overall campaign results, but these lists don’t grow and support themselves. PR professionals need to manage all of their lists self-sufficiently, and this is a constant challenge. Another challenge our industry faces is maintaining a healthy, ongoing relationship with the media themselves.

The days of hundreds of daunting Excel documents are no more, PR professionals rejoice and give these PR CRM (customer relationship management) programs a shot! Here at Jelly, we did the heavy lifting for you and tried some of the top PR CRM programs. Here is what we found.

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What is Cloze Pro?

Cloze is a website and service that collects tweets, emails, Facebook posts, and other bits of communication from your contacts, and prioritizes them based on people who are most relevant to you. It’s a wonderful tool for collecting relevant information about people in your network.

What does Cloze Pro do well?

Cloze collects bits of communication from social networks and emails, and puts them into a per-person context. Cloze emphasizes key people from your community. It has controls for customizing which people are “key” or most important to you.

Our opinion

Cloze is more of a mail management tool, and is great for tracking company emails. It helps you stay on top of your client emails, company emails and connects you with the people in your network. It tracks everything to do with your networks such as Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, and any other social media platforms your network uses. Overall, Cloze is a great tool for managing your own network.

Cloze costs $13.30/ month per user

Check out their website to get more information!

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What is Mustr?

Mustr makes media relations easy by importing all Excel documents of contacts and media lists into one place. Mustr organizes your lists by the client, category, publication etc. It even allows you to track the success of your outreach efforts and your PR campaigns!

What does Mustr do well?

Mustr organizes excel media lists into categories and by client. It is very easy to use, and allows you to have all your contacts in one well-organized place. Mustr tracks the success of your contacts, and keeps tabs on whether they are writing about your news releases or campaigns. You can also keep track of your influencers, and see what they are doing and talking about on social media.

Our opinion

Mustr is a great tool and clearly organizes all your media contacts into categories by client or project. It also has an analytic tool and you can track all campaigns and projects to see what influencers and media are talking about and how far you’re reaching. Overall, Mustr is a great tool to keep all your contacts in one accessible place.

Mustr costs € 49/month or $69/month for 3 users

Check out their website to get more information!

Logo for mustr, an amazing public relations solution for digital marketing agencies.


What is Iris PR Software?

Iris is an overall PR management tool and tracks all of your efforts. Reviews say it is good for small PR firms. Iris is a cloud-based software designed to help PR pros evaluate campaigns, centralize contact data and keep track of team workflows. Some features include pitch tracking, performance metrics, report generation, centralized contact data, deadline notifications, campaign management.

What does Iris PR Software do well?

Iris helps PR pros evaluate campaigns, centralize contact data and keep track of team workflows. It helps track all of your campaigns and evaluates the success of them as well. It helps keep all tasks in one place so your department can stay on top of campaigns and contacts. Iris is a perfect management tool for tracking and delegating all PR activities within a company or firm.

Our opinion

Iris PR Software is a great tool for helping track and delegate all of your firm or company’s strategies/campaigns. By keeping track of team workflow and projects, you can assign team members tasks and to-dos. Iris also helps keep all PR-related campaigns and contacts in one, centralized place. Iris PR Software is the perfect solution for keeping track of all public relations objectives.

Iris PR Software costs: Three users: $199/month or 8 users: $399/month

Visit their website for more information and how to download Iris.

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What is Prezly?

Prezly is perfect for staying on top of campaign tasks. Prezly places all your contacts in one place and has an online newsroom where you can send stories or pitches to influencers on your media lists. Prezly can also track the reach of each media effort. It can help create functional, attractive and slick online newsrooms, and allows businesses to deliver their message more effectively. It also allows sharing brand stories with influencers on social as well as traditional media.

What does Prezly do well?

It helps to better understand the interests of stakeholders, journalists, and influencers by tracking engagement. Importing contacts to Prezly is also easy as the platform allows importing Excel lists and supports data from other PR tools such as Augure, Cision, and Gorkana.

Our opinion

Prezly has mastered the art of media relations and has made it easier for PR professionals to do their day-to-day work. Overall, Prezly is great organizational software to help manage PR outreach, media lists and campaigns.

Prezly’s pricing information is available upon request.

Check out Prezly’s website for more details, and ask for a quote. Prices start from $150/month and up.

Prezly logo, software for public relations or pr agencies and companies.

After hours of research and testing these tools ourselves, here is a ranked list of the outlined PR CRM softwares. (1=most recommended, 5= least recommended):

  1. Mustr
  2. Prezly
  3. Iris PR Software
  4. Cloze

PR is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry. Being able to track your media outreach and PR campaign success is of utmost importance. With this, the recurring challenge in the field persists to be growing media lists and the countless number of excel documents– making it difficult to keep track of the measures that matter while nurturing industry relationships. The different types of software outlined in this blog are just a few out of many available. Experiment with different kinds of software and find what works for you. As the world of PR changes, so should we. Keep up with the times, and find a suitable software to help your team stay on top.