Ways To Optimize Content for Every Social Media Platform: Do’s and Don’ts

April 1, 2022

Reading Time: ~4 Mins | Written By: Mackenzie Mowat

It’s great that you want to have your brand presented on multiple social platforms! The down side? Social media channels are not one size fits all in terms of content marketing. It may be tempting to set your one post to go live on all social channels with one fell swoop, but in order to get the best for your business out of each platform, we have compiled some helpful tips to optimize your social media content for every platform.


Social media content for Facebook

A lot of brands (and people) wonder: “Is anyone on Facebook anymore?”. The answer is YES. Facebook is still the largest social media platform with over 2 billion users, is one of the first platforms people go to when learning about a brand, and being on Facebook also helps your business’ Google Maps marketing strategy. So now that we’ve determined you should definitely be on Facebook, here are some tips to ensure your content is as compelling as possible. 

DO: Provide helpful information for your audience

Facebook is all about being conversational, authentic, and building communities. Identify the issues people within your audience may have as it pertains to your niche and gain credibility as an expert with your audience. This also gives you an opportunity to start conversations and build connections by interacting with your active community members. 

DON’T: Use hashtags

This tends to be a faux pas by automatically posting content from other platforms (like Instagram) and duplicating it to Facebook. Hashtags essentially don’t do anything for engagement or reach on Facebook and tend to just make your posts look cluttered and out of touch.


Social media content for Instagram

Instagram is your time to show your brand’s creative side. Instagram is definitely the most visual platform and, to get the most out of your page, you should keep that in mind while developing your strategy.

DO: Utilize UGC – User Generated Content

Reposting and sharing your happy customer’s photos onto your feed is a great way to engage your audience, encourage more tags, and show authenticity through your brand. Sharing posts from your audience is a win-win solution to make your audience feel more connected and save you the time designing a new post!

DON’T: Be inconsistent

It’s important to post frequent and relevant content. No one is going to want to follow a page that posts 5 times in one day, and then disappears from the app for 6 weeks before coming back and doing the same thing over again. You want to be a reliable page in your follower’s feeds without being overbearing. 


Creating social media content for LinkedIn

At the very least, LinkedIn is a great platform to showcase your internal successes, give your employees somewhere to boast about their career-oriented wins, and display what a great organization you have for future employees. At the very most, LinkedIn is where you connect with the professionals that are invested in your brand, and therefore, the platform you can see the most engagement from as a company.

DO: Showcase your thought-leadership

If you’ve spent any time on LinkedIn, you know that longer, personal posts tend to pop up on your timeline a lot more than generic sales posts from different brands you follow. If you’re able to utilize your personal page and talk about you and your brand’s niche, this is a great way to drive authentic traffic to your brand’s profile. 

DON’T: Overlook your audience’s interests

Ensure you’re catering LinkedIn content to what your audience is interested in. There may be aspects of your business that are better suited for other platforms, but not necessarily for LinkedIn. Keeping it professional and focusing on those B2B interactions is key for this platform. 


Filming TikTok

Time to have some fun! Okay, well, social media in general is a fun place to be, but TikTok is your brand’s opportunity to get creative and take some risks. This may not be a platform for 100% of brands to be on, but it is a huge one that’s only growing in popularity. Even if you don’t necessarily think your brand is well-suited for TikTok, we are sure there has at least been 1 viral video within your niche. So, actually, we take that back: Your brand should definitely be on TikTok. 

DO: Jump on those trends!

Viral sounds are fast and fleeting on TikTok, and the sooner you can jump on a huge trend, the more likely your video is to wind up on a user’s For You Page. Don’t take it too seriously and overthink your video until the concept is completely irrelevant. Trust the social media pro on your team and post frequently on TikTok. 

DON’T: Be overly salesy.

Creating a brand personality is the goal on platforms such as TikTok, not necessarily all the benefits you can offer people with your business. Ensure your content is niche-specific and let it go from there. Get creative in how you present your content, and if it’s exciting and engaging, the right people will want to follow your brand.

We hope this list gives you some insight on how you can change up your social media content to best serve each platform. Are you currently on all of these platforms? Do you see the value in each? We’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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