Reliving the Event: Getting the Most out of Your Event Photography and Videography

May 14, 2019

We’ve all been to an event that was photographed or filmed and often we never see what was captured. Having someone document the event is a great way to ensure that the time and money you spent on the venue and details aren’t lost on your guests after a few glasses of wine. When planning or hosting an event there are steps you can take to make sure that you get the best return on your photo and video investment so that your guests can relive the experience.

Choose a Hashtag

Before the event you can choose a hashtag that will be a place to bring together photos your guests are taking. Keep it simple but specific to the event, and make sure you see what is already under the hashtag.  You’d be surprised what hashtags are already being used for strange things that you may not want to be associated with. Promote your hashtag before and during the event to get people excited about it and post some of your own content to make sure it’s not to empty when people check it out.

Figure out a Game Plan

If you figure out where your images or video are going to end up you can put this in promotional material. There are a number of options with where to have the event recap live but the most popular is still Facebook. In my experience, it’s best to put the media content directly on your brand’s page. People rarely   have a reason to revisit an event page once the event is over, so sharing photos on the brand’s Facebook will ensure it gets noticed and don’t forget to encourage tagging!

Let the Photographer/Videographer Know

Make sure you tell your media person where the pictures will end up. Guests will ask throughout the event where they can find these shots and you want to have a definitive answer. Communicating effectively with your visual team in advance will ensure that they know where to direct guests.

Include a Small Watermark

Take the time to add a small watermark to the bottom corner of the images that will be shared. This ensures that as event images are shared and live on, they will be a connected to the event.  

Tag as Many Guests as You Can

Tagging guests in the photos can be time consuming but Facebook makes the process a bit easier. This is a worthwhile step and will encourage people to tag friends and share across social channels in hopes of garnering as much post-event coverage as possible.  

Send a Wrap Up Email

A post-event “Thank You” is always a nice touch, so why don’t take it as an opportunity to include a link to the event’s images. Thank your guests for attending and provide them with a link to where the images can be found so that they don’t have to go searching!