Putting IT at the Forefront

May 14, 2019

Here at Jelly Digital Marketing and PR, we love getting to work with such a broad range of clients. Everything from law firms to cartoonists, it doesn’t matter what you specialize in, you will be at home with Jelly. We are excited to announce our newest partnership with IT Directorship.

Founded in 2012 by Jeff Amadatsu to meet the growing demand for technology leadership for businesses, IT Directorship is an IT consulting company that guides the strategy and management of IT for businesses of all sizes. Specializing in outsourced  IT leadership, IT consulting and strategic advisory, IT audits and general controls and cyber-risk assurance, IT Directorship is shaping the impact that IT has on the success of businesses.

IT is often the magic behind the scenes that keeps everything running smoothly, and unfortunately, when you can’t see something, it’s hard to know that it’s there. At Jelly, we’re excited to help showcase that magic by bringing it to the forefront of everyone’s attention, through media exposure from advertorials, galas, and workshops. We also plan to bring a little personality by building out their social channels and connecting with their core audience in a way that is not only informative but engaging as well.

We look forward to helping IT Directorship grow but growing along with them. Check them out by visiting their website or following them on LinkedIn!