PR Professional’s Role in 2019

March 13, 2019

The Four Buckets of the PR Coordinators Day

Like all careers, the role of a Public Relations Professional in 2019 is ever changing. The role is no longer black and white but filled with a mix of grey. PR professionals are adapting to the new demands of the job. Many people think it is just press releases and events, but it has evolved to so much more than that. I have come up with the 4 major roles that PR professionals are put in regularly.

Media Buyer

To get our clients into the media, you need to purchase spots and segments. For this, you’re dealing with giant media kits. To ensure you’re always contacting the correct people, keep in touch with the sales teams that have helped you before. Make sure you find someone you’ve created a great relationship with in order to ensure you are getting the best bang for your client’s buck. If you’re new to the media buying world, network, network, network. Ensuring you get what’s best for your clients means you need to work on those personal and professional relationships.

Editorial Hustle

Pitches are most commonly sent through social media nowadays. We’re seeing 80% sent through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook while the other 20% are being sent the traditional Press Release way, through tools such as Cision. These pitches are all about how you connect with your contacts, having a warm, friendly relationship with freelancers as well as traditional press. You need to ensure that you are always delivering solid guests and content. When you’re pitching through outlets such as social media, it is easier and more tangible to who you are pitching to, rather than a cold press release. You can mould the narrative to who you are speaking to.

Oped/Listicle Submissions

Op-ed and Listicle submissions are a great quick and easy way to get content out. The more you write the better. You are more likely to have someone read a sponsored Op-ed piece by your client than have someone stop and look at an advertisement. Listicles are also a good source, as you can do quick Q&A’s to let the audience get to know your client and what they are all about. It’s such a fun way to create incredible content that editors love.


Another role PR Professionals are stepping into is experiential creations. These are the types of events or stunts for your clients that you hope will go viral. You are looking for a low-cost way to get high-cost exposure. With our current world of social media, you want to create experiences that will make people want to snap, film and share. If you want to have high exposure for your clients, this is the most unique way to create buzz.