Part 1 – Canadian Internet Marketing Conference 2016 Podcast

May 11, 2016

Canadian Internet Marketing Conference

Hundreds of business owners and marketing professionals attended the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference in 2016. Some of the biggest names in marketing presented and shared the latest tips in marketing.

Podcast Mash-up

This recording is a mash up with all of the great presenters at the event. We asked each one for a marketing tip or event take away that they would want people to remember after the event.

Listen here:

On PART ONE of this podcast we hear from over 25 of the conference speakers including:

  • Drew Cashmore – Walmart Canada
  • Jennifer Knox – Etsy Canada
  • Tyler Gauthier – Build Direct
  • Gabe Mederos – Telus
  • Andrea Stairs – eBay Canada
  • And many, many more!!!

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