Six Personas Your Business Should Use on Pinterest

March 16, 2015

This week at Jelly, I’ve been learning about social media marketing by helping one of Jelly’s clients enhance their brand presence with Pinterest. It was my job to work with their Pinterest boards and start pinning for them (yes, it is the best job ever).

Joining Pinterest as a business may be one of the most effective marketing moves you are able to make using social media right now.

Now, you may be thinking: “Isn’t Pinterest just a website you use to find recipes, workout plans, and wedding dresses?” I am here to tell you no, my friend. It can be so much more!

Pinterest has been growing rapidly as a network. Last year, Pinterest created more social media traffic referrals than Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube combined – only Facebook stands above it. In other words, Pinterest is an extremely powerful way to gain referrals to your website. When used correctly it can be an impactful marketing tool that brings creativity, inspiration, and hopefully lots of web traffic to your business.

So, what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform where you can save, share, and collect picture ideas from around the web with one click of the “Pin it” button. Like all types of social media marketing it takes lots of time, regularity, and routine to generate an audience following on Pinterest.

Here are six personas to consider when setting up your business on Pinterest:

1. The Sporadic Pinner

Pinterest users can tell that this pinner invests time into Pinterest. On Pinterest, success doesn’t come from pinning 10 photos when you register and then waiting a week to post another 10 pins. Instead, it’s important to post sporadically throughout the week – every day is not too much to drop a pin or two on one of your boards.

2. The Generous and Supportive Pinner

This pinner takes time to thank their supporters and followers. They do this by pinning some of their supporters photos if they are relevant! If not, using a simple “thank you for the support” is always a nice touch.

3. The Personal Pinner

Using Pinterest to show the human and personal side of a business is what the personal pinner excels at. Every office is unique and Pinterest boards provides the opportunity to reflect the atmosphere of your business. Posting inspiration, ideas, and highlighting a company’s strengths will show the world why your business is magnificent.

4. The Accessible Pinner

This pinner caters to user’s preferences by mixing Pinterest with other social media channels. This allows all of their photos, charts and visual ideas to gain higher reach and a greater likelihood to share. Also, they use the “Pin it” button to directly link content from their website straight to Pinterest, allowing others to find it through the pin that was posted.

5. The Quality Pinner

Everyone has different interests but there is one thing that all users want: quality and regularity. The quality pinner organizes their boards effectively, uses high quality images, and writes grammatically correct captions. You are trying to attract a following, and high quality will get you there.

6. The Strategic Pinner

At the end of the day, brand awareness is the goal for this pinner. The strategic pinners make themselves known through Pinterest by posting their logo, tastefully watermarking their photos, and carefully linking the photos back to a website or landing page. Every time a person sees one of their pins; they are granted a window into what their business is all about.

So before you begin your business venture on Pinterest, make sure you have an effective strategy and the high quality visual resources to make it possible. Share your business’s personality, be creative with it and have a fun time. That’s what we try to do with ours!

Happy Pinning!

By Brittany Klassen