Jelly Digital Marketing & PR Makes The Clutch 1000 List!

December 12, 2018

In 2018, Jelly Digital Marketing and PR helped many clients get their message seen and heard by the right people. Social Media, PR, and digital advertising remain our pillars, but our team of storytellers and creatives are always actively seeking out ways to improve and stay on top of the latest trends. We take pride in our technical expertise and continue to drive successful results to our clients through our commitment to this trifecta service offering.

Our expertise and drive have resulted in yet another achievement for this year. Since joining Clutch, Jelly has stood up well to their evaluation and to our competitors. We are listed among the top PR firms worldwide on Clutch, as well as locally among a number of reputable digital marketing agencies in Vancouver. As an independent B2B market research firm, communicates with our clients directly in order to provide prospective buyers with a true understanding of our expertise and business practices. This means that no members of the Jelly team are present when our clients provide their feedback to Clutch. You can read these in-depth reviews on our Clutch profile. On Clutch’s sister website, the Manifest, our profile showcases a particular project, along with our clientele and other awards we’ve won.

We’re truly grateful to our clients for taking the time to provide their feedback to Clutch, and so pleased that we’ve received a prestigious accolade based on our client’s praise. Specifically, for their 2018 global leaders’ awards, Clutch has introduced a new and exclusive category for the top 1000 companies on the platform with the highest ‘ability to deliver’ scores. This credential speaks to our ability to provide measurable results through an efficient and collaborative process.

On this significance of this achievement, Jelly Digital Marketing and PR CEO Darian Kovacs, commented:

 “It means the world to me that Clutch would recognize us. We tend to keep our head down working here at our agency – it’s nice that we got our shoulder tapped and get this kind of recognition.” 

These days, it’s not easy to convince clients that they still need the PR profession and media expertise, but with insightful client reviews and this accolade, we’re hopeful that more businesses will recognize the unique value of our services. Thank you to Clutch and our clients for your continued support. We will continue to strive to be the agency of choice in the digital marketing and PR industry!


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