It’s Official… Jelly is A Certified Great Place to Work Once Again!

December 16, 2022

Reading Time: ~2 Mins | Written By: Mackenzie Mowat

The Great Place to Work certification is one we take immense pride in here at Jelly. If you’re unfamiliar with how it works, each employee is given a confidential survey to complete which is broken down into five separate pillars: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie. We’re so proud to say that we scored well above the Canadian average!

Our people have been at the core of what makes Jelly Jelly since day one. By keeping our core values of temperance, humility, fairness, prudence, and courage consistent through the work we put in each day, we’ve built an adaptable team that genuinely values the workplace we’ve created. Nothing could mean more to us than that!

Jelly Team taking a selfie

Nancy Fonseca, Senior Vice President of Great Place to Work® Canada, says that a great workplace is about the level of trust that employees experience in their leaders, the level of pride they have in their jobs, and the extent to which they enjoy their colleagues. “Our data shows that great workplaces benefit from stronger financial performance, reduced turnover, and better customer satisfaction than their peers. What’s more, work environments with trust at the foundation are ripe for innovation, agility, resilience and efficiency,” Fonseca said.

Jelly Marketing Team going for a walk

From organized games and pizza parties to casual coffee break strolls to Maria’s, the Jelly team loves to share a laugh together as much as we love to buckle down and collaborate on client projects as a team. We’re so grateful to be recognized as a Great Place to Work!