Humility in the Workplace

February 14, 2018

Anyone for a slice of humble pie? This week we’re serving up the first of Jelly’s 5 core values that guide how we operate and who we strive to become as a team. Here at Jelly, we believe that humility is a conscious choice and effort, day in and day out. At its core, humility is the pursuit of serving others by taking their unique needs and perspectives into consideration, even if it contradicts what we believe to be true. Humility is free from arrogance, creating acceptance within us, allowing us to encourage and build up our team on a path to success.

Read on to discover Jelly’s top 3 tips on how we incorporate humility in the workplace.

1. Admit mistakes, even if it isn’t easy.

  • In the world of digital marketing, we’re constantly trying innovative ideas and strategies to inspire our team and better serve our clients. But, as human beings, making mistakes is inevitable. Not all ideas can pan out the way the way we envision them, and admitting that we may have missed the mark can be difficult. Humility requires transparency, and the courage to share your own hiccups along the way. When you’re willing to share your own missteps, and how you dealt with and recovered from them, you earn trust and respect from both your team and your client.2. Your opinion matters – but so does everyone else’s.At Jelly, we pride ourselves on being a team diverse in all skill sets and talents. From left brained creatives to analysts who live for data, there is always bound to be a difference in opinion. No matter how convinced you may be that it should be your way or the highway, take time to seek input and perspective from your team to build a well-rounded strategy. Humility means being open minded and acknowledging that strength and success comes from the team as a whole. Creating a culture of openness and communication among your team ensures that you’re always learning and growing and, ultimately, moving the collective toward a common good.

    3. Welcome criticism with open arms.

    Humility calls on us to check our ego at the door and remember that there is always room for improvement. Seek out honest feedback and evaluation of your work from trusted colleagues, and be open to criticism, even if it’s hard to hear. Take time each month to self-reflect, recognize areas of success and weakness and create an actionable progress plan that will hold you accountable to your goals. Constantly striving to grow and refine your skills enables you to be a well-rounded and valuable asset to your team.

    Stay tuned this week for more blogs this month on how we incorporate our five core values here at Jelly: Humility, Courage, Temperance, Prudence, and Fairness.