How To Measure Your Opt-in Conversion Rate

April 22, 2020

An email list is a powerful marketing strategy for any website owner. You can attract many visitors to your website, but not all of them will subscribe to your email list. The percentage of visitors to your site that subscribe to your email list is known as the Opt-in Conversion Rate.

This means that if you want to have a lot of email list subscriptions to your website, considering that it’s voluntary, you must offer a good reason or incentive to persuade your visitors to subscribe.

Most website owners increase subscribers to their email lists by offering free valuable reports or extraordinary discount codes. However, the approaches here are not cut and paste so you will need to stay creative and follow your gut.

Opt-in conversions are vital tools to your online campaigns because they enable you to have a clear picture of how many visitors saw your offer (commonly known as lead magnet) and found it valuable enough to provide their email addresses. If the Opt-in conversion rate is high, it means you’ll be able to convert more visitors into subscribers, hence, faster growth of your email list and website.

What is the best Opt-in Conversion Rate?

Your website’s Opt-in conversion rate can be determined by numerous factors. The factors can differ depending on the industry you’re operating in, the techniques you’re using to lead traffic to your site, and the kind of offer you’re incentivizing visitors with to attract them to subscribe to your email list.

A website owner can also considerably enhance his or her opt-in conversion rate by leading visitors to a dedicated email capture landing page, frequently known as ‘Squeeze Page.’

How to measure your opt-in conversion rate

To calculate, take the total number of people who subscribed to your email list, divide by the total number of visitors to your site and then multiply by 100. For example, if 100 people visited your website in a particular period and 20 visitors actually subscribed to your email list, then your Opt-in conversion will stand at 20%.

Every marketer must initiate rigorous and attractive marketing campaigns to be able to increase the number of subscribers to his or her mailing list in order to realize any meaningful sales. Otherwise, the website might end up just being just that.