How to Find the Right PR Agency in Vancouver

August 18, 2017

It’s often said about love: there is someone out there for everyone. The same is true for finding the right PR agency in Vancouver.

There are thousands of PR firms, and although this post is specifically focused on public relations in Vancouver, agencies can take on clients from anywhere in the world. Don’t be afraid to enlist a smaller agency – like Jelly Marketing – as they can be more responsive and affordable.

The bottom line: It’s most important to identify a public relations agency in Vancouver that is right for you.

With these tips, it’s only a matter of time before you strike up a relationship with an organization that can help you reach your goals.

What do you want from the PR agency in Vancouver?

Are you looking to keep your message local or attract global attention? Are you wanting to support your sales efforts, create more content, launch a social media campaign for brand awareness, refine your company’s messaging, or generate more traffic on your website? Perhaps you would like to position yourself as an industry leader through speaking opportunities and interviews with new and traditional media outlets?

It’s important to have a clear objective before beginning the hiring process.

Remember: you’re hiring a public relations specialist

With this in mind, learn about the relationships that specific PR firm has with media. Page ranking and views is the name of the game when it comes to online PR, but if you’re looking for more traditional media placements, you need to know how your message will be distributed to reach your target demographic most effectively.

If the agency can provide all their services under one roof (graphic design, press releases, social media campaigns, videos, ads, etc) then you need to know the structure and services based on your budget. If they are not delivering after 90 days, you will know whether it’s going to work or not.

How are you going to measure your success in Vancouver – or globally?

Make sure you discuss these metrics and expectations with your agency so they know exactly how to get you what you want. What are your KPI’s, your non-negotiables, and your ideal outcome?

How are you going to communicate?

Some people require regular touch-ins throughout the day while others prefer to be given clear direction and then left to complete the task and left out of the day-to-day dealings. Be clear with yourself and the prospective agency on your communication preferences so everyone can plan accordingly. Some ways to get clear include asking:

  • How many people are working on the account?
  • How often will you be updated on the campaigns?
  • Will there be weekly check-in call and monthly progress reports?
  • Does your main point of contact have any upcoming vacations?

While you’re not necessarily looking for the love of your life with a PR agency in Vancouver, it is helpful to find public relations specialists that complements your company culture to best represent you to the outside world.

Find the Right Public Relations Agency!

As a Vancouver-centric PR firm, we believe in getting people talking about you, versus regular advertisements will be people talking at you.

But first, you have to talk to us. So leave the pitches to the professionals and see how we can help you with your digital marketing efforts.

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