How LinkedIn Can Help Elevate Your Professional Career

March 20, 2019

LinkedIn is the Facebook for working professionals; it can help elevate and advance your personal career growth just by connecting with others in your industry. This platform is a valuable tool that all working professionals should be using as it can offer plenty of career and networking opportunities. It’s your digital portfolio to showcase your education, work experience, skills and references, all of which, are available for all members to see.

Interested in learning more? Here are a few ways LinkedIn can help elevate your professional career.

Keep Your Work Experience Up to Date

Updating your work experience to keep it current and relevant is one of the best ways for others to see what you’ve been up to and the experience you’ve gained over the years. When applying for a specific job, you may need to tailor your work experience to fit their requirements. On LinkedIn you’re able to keep all your work experience in one place, without having to remove to fit a specific job. This will allow you to showcase all the experience you have, along with showing where you gained your skills from.  

Create Content and Engage with Connections

Similar to Twitter and Facebook, you are constantly sharing and engaging with content about your industry, or similar industries. On LinkedIn you can write articles to share your thoughts on a trend, current issue, or an event. Writing articles is a great way to share your thoughts with others in your industry, engage with your connections, and to gain credibility in your industry. Your articles can also showcase your personality and skills such as writing and research. 

Show off your work

You’re constantly adding work samples to your portfolio to take for job interviews, so ensure you’re doing the same with your online portfolio. On LinkedIn you’re able to upload work samples to your profile which will help validate the skills you have. Have a press release or design piece that you’re proud of? Upload it for others to see as well!

Gather Endorsements 

You may have gained skills from your education, volunteer opportunities or a recent job and want to show off your new skills. What do you do? Have your classmates, previous employers or supervisor endorse you for your new skills! The benefit of doing this is to showcase your qualifications, along with having others recommend you for that skill, therefore; help you gain credibility! Employers will look at your endorsed skill to see how qualified you may be for a job, this can increase your chances of landing that dream gig! After all, what others say about you in the industry, is more important than what you say about yourself, right?! 

Network, network, network!

LinkedIn is a platform used by working professionals to connect with other professionals in various industries. Connect with previous colleagues, industry professionals, and friends… the options are endless! Although you want to ensure you’re connecting with people you do know, don’t be afraid to connect with industry professionals that you don’t personally know. Take this opportunity to message a professional you have always dreamed of talking to. Take this time to connect with a CEO, send a personalized message showing your interests, hobbies and why you want to connect. You never know who may respond.  This platform offers an endless amount of opportunities, you may even be able to find a mentor that will help you throughout your career. Each network can open doors to endless opportunities. Start connecting with others today!