Get Your Flowers – How to Get 5 Star Reviews from Your Customers on Google

May 28, 2024

Google reviews are important because they establish credibility and trustworthiness when potential customers search for your business. This increases the likelihood of them choosing you and becoming loyal customers. 

The more Google perceives your website as a credible source, the higher it will rank on search engine results pages. This is particularly important for local search results, such as those on Google Maps. For example, when people search for terms such as ‘Best Digital Marketing Agency’ or ‘Best SEO Agency Vancouver’, a credible website is more likely to appear at the top of the results. Essentially, this means that when someone searches for your products/services, Google will display your website among the top results, driving more website traffic and brand awareness.

We’re covering exactly how to get business reviews and entice customers to become loyal, all while supporting your organic search presence on Google.

Ask Your Customers Directly

It’s best to request reviews from customers as soon as possible, while the experience is fresh in their minds. Waiting too long may result in them forgetting details of their experience and being less inclined to leave a review.

  • Send a Follow-up Email
  • Add a Review Link on Your Website/Dedicated Landing Page
  • Encourage Reviews on Social Media Channels


Streamline the process of leaving reviews to ensure a seamless user experience. For example, Google Business Profile (GBP) allows you to share a simple link that customers can click to be redirected to the review page, reducing friction and increasing the chances of receiving reviews.

Google Business Profile - Ask for Reviews

Encourage Text-Based Reviews

Ask specific questions to customers to encourage detailed text reviews rather than simple star ratings. Google values text reviews as they provide insight into your website and improve visibility for related search queries.


  • How satisfied were you with the quality of our digital marketing services?
  • Did our team effectively address your needs and concerns in a timely manner?
  • What aspect of our digital marketing services stood out to you the most and why?

Reply to Reviews

Responding to reviews is essential. Acknowledge and thank customers for positive reviews to show appreciation for their feedback. Additionally, you need to ensure that you address negative reviews promptly and professionally to avoid further potential issues.

Google Reviews
  • Respond Professionally
    • Always maintain a professional tone when addressing customer feedback, whether positive or negative.
  • Thank the Customer
    • Express gratitude to customers who leave positive reviews, showing appreciation for their support.
  • Entice Customers to Come Back
    • Entice customers to return by highlighting upcoming promotions or special offers in your response to their reviews.
  • Invite the Conversation Offline for Negative Reviews
    • If a customer leaves a negative review, offer to continue the conversation privately via email or phone to address their concerns.

Turn Your Reviews Into Content

Leverage customer reviews to influence potential buyers. Highlighting specific reviews on your website and social media platforms can positively showcase your business.

SEO Specialist

Consider featuring success stories, such as those of customers who have benefitted from your business.

Reviews are crucial to your SEO strategy. Don’t hesitate to ask customers for reviews, and simplify the process. Monitor and respond to engage with your customers effectively. Lastly, remember to use positive reviews as content to enhance brand credibility and trustworthiness.

We know SEO can be a bit hard to grasp, so if you have any questions, get in touch today! As your local Vancouver SEO Agency, Jelly Marketing specializes in optimizing your online presence to enhance visibility, drive traffic, and boost credibility in the eyes of search engines. Let us take your SEO strategy to the next level!