5 Websites Your Company Should Publish A Listing On

July 28, 2023

Reading Time: ~4 Mins | Written By: Mitchell Garrett

Online visibility is crucial for any business during a Hot SEO Summer! This can be accomplished by publishing a listing on a high domain authority website with a backlink to your business’s website. This process is often thought to be expensive, and time-consuming. However, I have 5 websites that let you publish on them fast and for free to start gaining your website authority today! These 5 websites were chosen because they have a high domain authority, and redirect website traffic well.

Websites Your Company Should Publish A Listing On

  1. Google Business Profile
  2. Apple Business Connect
  3. Bing Places
  4. Yelp
  5. Yellow Pages

Google Business Profile

Every business’s first step when creating online listings is to create a Google Business Profile. Businesses can ensure that potential customers can easily find essential information like their address, phone number, hours opened, and website. Moreover, many think creating a Google Business Profile increases your chances of ranking at the top of the Search engine results. The best part about Google Business Profile is that it is free and can publish a listing within the day.

Google Maps

Google My Business is integrated with Google Maps, which further facilitates location-based searches. This makes it incredibly convenient for customers to locate and engage with businesses around them. Furthermore, customers are provided with valuable feedback such as reviews, and order preferences to improve their in-person experience.

Apple Business Connect

In 2023, Apple redesigned its Apple Business Connect, which is how businesses create a listing on Apple Maps. One complaint about Apple Maps is the smaller library of businesses compared to Google Maps. To combat this, Apple has redesigned Apple Business Connect, making it easier to navigate around and edit the listing. A new feature to Apple Business Connect is allowing multiple accounts to work on a single listing, and vice versa. When comparing Apple Business Connect to the other websites, we believe this platform has the largest potential to grow. With Apple Maps growing in popularity, you now need to create a listing on Apple Business Connect.

Bing Places

Despite many people never using another search engine than Google, creating a listing on Bing Places has plenty of benefits. Bing is recognized as a highly authoritative website and search engine. Having your business backlinked from Bing Place shows other search engines your business is real and worth a higher ranking. It is not hard to get started either! If your business is already created on Google My Business, you can transfer all of the information and images over seamlessly. After the transfer Bing requests that you review all of the information, and then you can verify and publish your listing!


With millions of users actively searching for restaurants, services, and other establishments, Yelp can improve a business’s online visibility. They provide an easy-to-use platform for customers to leave reviews and ratings, making it a valuable source of feedback. Additionally, Yelp’s integration with other websites enables businesses to gain more visibility across multiple platforms. The process of creating a listing on Yelp takes a little bit more time than the other websites. However, you should be able to complete it within a day or two after a verification and review process through Yelp’s platform.

Yellow Pages

Historically Yellow Pages have been an important directory for businesses, however, it has diminished in popularity recently. Regardless it is worth creating an online listing on Yellow Pages to establish a robust online presence and reach a broader audience. This platform has features like customer reviews, business information, and mobile compatibility, keeping Yellow Pages competitive in today’s digital landscape. Getting an online listing published takes some more time than the other websites. After you submit your listing, a couple of days later it will appear on the Yellow Pages website, then you can verify and create an account to claim your listing. Often they do not meet the time requirements laid out, and I have had to phone them to resolve the issue. Despite this being more time-consuming to create a listing than other websites, we highly suggest creating a Yellow Pages listing.

Establishing online visibility during the Hot SEO Summer does not have to be difficult or expensive. By leveraging these highly authoritative websites, businesses can improve their SEO, and attract more customers in today’s competitive digital landscape. If you need a boost to your business’s SEO, contact Jelly Digital Marketing & PR and we will create the right strategy for you!